CAMP MOJO – July Online Creativity Camp

Your creativity probably doesn’t follow other peoples’ rules. (Mine sure doesn’t!) It’s kindled in a unique way, just as it produces unique work.

Want to discover more about that one-of-a-kind energy you have? Want to give it what it needs to go bolder and better?

You can get into the wilderness (without ever leaving home) with that creativity.

Camp Mojo

Camp Mojo is 100% online, because the wildest place for your creativity is internal.

For a month, I send you quick and dirty prompts for journalling–about what you want in your creative life. What to do to support it.

The prompts can be done in about 5 minutes a day. By the end of the month, though, you’ll be clearer on your own creative identity, how to enhance its work, and what gets you stuck.

This year Camp Mojo also includes a chat channel, with weekly check-ins with me. I’ll be there to coach you past any sticking points, and support your work with the prompts.

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Subscribe here to pay only $50. (Get a friend to sign up, and I’ll take an extra $10 off!)

I’ll also add a special MoJo Recovery Kit with aromatherapy for everyone who signs up by June 26th.

How Do I Sign Up?

Get tickets on EventBrite — or subscribe to my newsletter first, to get a coupon code!

Cost: $65

Registration: June 9th-June

Camp Mojo includes:

  •  prompts by e-mail every weekday, for a 5 minute creativity workshop to do on your own
  • access to a Camp Mojo chat channel, where I will be checking in at least weekly, to brainstorm with members and coach them through any sticking points
  • a special rate for one-on-one coaching

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