UNLOCK: The Reviews

A few things my clients have said about working with me:

“I signed up for the six month program because I felt stuck. My life was in a period of flux as my body transitioned through an illness, I tried to balance graduate school with a full-time job, and my husband and I began preparations to adopt. I felt like at any moment the balance would tip and I’d lose my grip on something vital. I needed help, but I didn’t want to turn to family or friends (who despite their best intentions, always have their own priorities/agenda). I needed someone to talk to, someone with an outsider’s perspective, and I was lucky enough to find Bethany.

“She was perfect. She understood what it meant to be an artist while trying to juggle the demands of a busy life, and she encouraged me in all of the right ways. Sometimes that encouragement meant pushing me to try something new or to finish a project I’d already begun, sometimes it meant giving me permission to stop pushing and to just rest. But she always took my whole life, its many aspects and my many goals, into account (something I don’t think happens very often in our increasingly specialized world), so it wasn’t just about making more/better art or about purging my living space of unnecessary stuff or about working out more–it was always about finding the best balance for my life at the time, which was exactly what I needed. Basically, talking to Bethany bi-weekly helped keep me sane through a really rough, transitional period in my life and I’d recommend her program to anyone, but especially to the busy, ambitious artist who may need a little bit of extra help finding balance. ”

~ Jessi

“Bethany has an empathy and understanding for her health coaching clients which is very rare within the health & wellbeing world. I consider myself a very difficult and complex client, one which has needed a lot of guidance, mentoring and development. Bethany has been able to not only calm the ‘storm’ within but provided me with an incredible amount of support and understanding throughout our sessions. Our sessions are always insightful, honest and pensive, she listens with an heart of acceptance and read between the lines.
“Yes, we have had many ‘AH-HA’ moments throughout our time together and I always without fail walk away with a new sense of appreciation and gratitude that she is in my life. My progress has been in leaps and bounds and I attribute it all to the stability and strength she delivers to me on a weekly basis. I’ve been able to reach so many different goals which I never thought even attainable. She makes you see things in a different perspective and allows you to heal with whatever is currently on your mind.
“Her approach, she listens and by that I mean she really listens to what you are saying and is able to guide you in places where you feel a lot of fear. Her technique is soft and approachable and her expertise in women, women’s emotions and wellbeing is something to be revered. I am lucky to have her as my health coach, every session I am looking forward to exploring new perspectives and ideas to broaden my mind and understanding of the world of ‘looking after myself.’”
~ Jacqueline Kressner
VP for Sports Illustrated Asia and a keen advocate for healthy living and wellness.