Recovery Mode

 The recovery program your write-brain has been waiting for.



A writer or creator who’s pushed it to the limit? This is the program for you to refill that inkwell.

It starts December 1st. You guessed it–Post-NaNo Day 1.

If you’re not doing a NaNoWriMo project, this program also works as a holiday stress inoculation. 21 days of restorative food, rest, and fun–targeted toward the worn-out writer, artist, introvert.

Rebuild the reserves of your humanity.

You know what I’m talking about.

Recoup that energy, focus, and even socializing power (should you choose to use it).

NoMoReMo Program Details

Week One – UNPLUG.

Week Two – DEBUG.

Week Three – CHARGE UP


Every weekday you’ll receive a short e-mail outlining the day’s 5 minute destress protocol.

This includes the world’s easiest yoga poses, destress writing exercises, and concrete guidelines for clearing stress out of the body.

Included: simple food ideas for taking that restoration process up a notch!


You will get essential oils to use for a week, companions to the de-stressing process.


It may be you want to never get on a webinar in your life, and it stresses you out.

You’ll still have access to recordings where I go in detail about some of the week’s principles, and take questions and answers.

Or it could be you could use some on-demand Q&A time and pep talk about your de-stressing. You’ll have 3 available!


A coach ready to answer your questions and support you.

Getting on a list for future programs at a discount!



Let’s tally the value…

3 Weeks Group Coaching: $50 + Aromatherapy Kit & Guide $15 + 3 Webinars & E-book handouts (offered free) = a steal even for $65 but available to you for:

$25 – Early Bird (by Nov 25th)

$35 – Full Price (by December 1st)

(Note: if you don’t register early-bird, your aromatherapy packet won’t come until midway into the program! SAD)


Ready to make a commitment to recovering your best self?

Recovery Mode: A Destress System

Want a special coupon code available only to my subscribers? Get in! Let me know in the “demo session” comment box that you’re a Recovery Mode convert.

About Bethany:

I am a three-time NaNo “winner”, published poet, and certified as a health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I also love Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I used it along with wholistic remedies to navigate my recovery from blocked and depressed to writing and coaching.

Questions? Shoot me an e-mail at bethany (at) or write to me on the Unlock Facebook.